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Business owner Eric Lefkofsky has created and co-founded some businesses such as Groupon, Tempus, Uptake Technologies, Media Ocean, Echo Global Logistics, Inner Workings, and Light Bank. The serial entrepreneur works primarily in the industries of investments, technology, e-commerce, media, analysis, biotechnology, and transportation.

One of the main focuses for Eric Lefkofsky currently is the company Tempus, launched in 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. Working in the industry of biotechnology, the company collects and analyzes significant masses of clinical and molecular data. The corporation aims to further precision medicine and bring about a new time for medicine and the way patients are treated. So far, Tempus has collaborated with a handful of medical institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center, the Cleveland Clinic, Northwestern’s Lurie Cancer Center. The facilities include the University of Michigan, as well as the University of Chicago- School of Medicine, as well as several community hospitals from around the country.

Tempus is currently valued at more than $700 million. The company is funded primarily by fundraising and has had several significant corporations invest in it. Those include the New Enterprise Associates (NEA) which was established by several esteemed investors and people in business. In September 2017, Tempus managed to reach a lifetime funds of $130 million. While the corporation does something essential, the work done at Tempus is also highly expensive since one fo the procedures the company uses costs few thousand dollars.

Eric Lefkofsky is active in philanthropy. He created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation a few years ago in 2006 to help enhance the quality of life in Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky is dedicated to his community He funds some community events and local businesses and academic and medical institutions, as well as other charities. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation supports a vast amount of organizations and has collaborated with many to work on initiatives in medicine, education, art & culture, and human rights.

While Tempus is doing something unique, striving for a high goal, medical experts and investors have expressed their strong beliefs that what the company does will be worthwhile and bring about a much-needed change.

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