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The active wear brand Fabletics is on its way to becoming a household word, thanks to the company’s co-founder actress Kate Hudson.

The subscription online retailer has soared to the e-commerce peak, bringing in new VIP members every day. At the moment, Fabletics is celebrating more than one million subscribers located around the world.

The brand is all about fashionable active wear, the kind you can work out in, head out on the town in and lounge around in. Kate Hudson has always made the best lists at red carpet events. Her casual chic style is something women admire, and she has made that signature look a part of Fabletics’ line-up. The brand sells trendy, colorful and patterned leggings, cropped bra tops, swimsuits, yoga pants, tanks, tees and even a collection of adorable athleisure dresses.

Kate Hudson lives an active lifestyle with her two young boys when she is not in Hollywood. She believes in remaining healthy and fit, and the Fabletics company mantra is “Live your passion.” The pretty star hopes to inspire women around the globe to find the active way of life and to enjoy casual, comfy clothing that you can wear 24/7.

Fabletics is also co-founded by business partners Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. They and Kate Hudson are excited about the Fabletics’ newest venture, planning to open up to 100 brick and mortar retail stores within the next five years, according to Racked.com.

Fabletics is not only dominating the women’s active wear market on e-commerce but building the new physical stores to cover all their fashion bases. The stores will be spread across the United States, and shoppers will be encouraged to join the subscription plan as VIP members. The retail stores will give shoppers the opportunity to see Fabletics items in person, touch the fabrics and try them on.

Kate Hudson’s newest TV commercial is winning rave reviews by advertising experts, like AdWeek.com. The 30-second spot features the star wearing pieces from her brand and being active in them- jumping into the pool, learning to skateboard, playing ping pong, working out on a Pilates machine and even lying in bed in Fabletics gear.

The ad plays like a feed from Kate Hudson’s social media pages, including the viewer in her behind the scenes lifestyle. This is Kate Hudson in real moments, with about 70% of the commercial shot by her personal i-phone.

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