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Actress Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics. Fabletics is a relatively new company that is taking on the bigger competition like Amazon. Today, Fabletics is a 250 million dollar company. They are pushing the active-wear clothing with great success. Many in the industry think that the reason for their success is due to a simple winning formula. The company actively follows the reverse show room technique. This technique has improved their sales and profits. The Reverse Showroom Technique is not new. It’s actually been around a long time. The Internet, smartphones, and mobile devices have added an extra dimension to this technique.


Fabletics Revers Showroom Technique

It is no accident that online shopping has exploded over the last decade. Shoppers are able to surf the web via their smartphone, computer, or other mobile device to shop. Fabletics realized this fact. They also realized that many of the online shoppers would go to the Fabletics physical store to complete their purchases. At one time, most online shoppers would end up at Amazon, making their purchases. However, the introduction of physical stores has encouraged online shoppers to complete their purchases at Fabletics physical stores.


Kste Hudson

Kate Hudson’s ultimate goal was to provide shoppers with a high quality brand of active-wear that would allow women to live a more active lifestyle. Hudson always has a hand in every phase of the company’s production. Her goal is to keep the clothing line looking fresh and up to date. Hudson admits that she has to believe in the clothing line and that the clothing line has to be authentic. Certainly, it’s Hudson’s strong commitment to providing the public with quality clothing that has led the company to amazing success in a short span of time. Hudson relates that she is devoted to Fabletics. However, she is still an actress at heart. Her passion will always remain with the arts and entertainment.


The Lifestyle Quiz

If you would like to get your hands on a great deal each month, join Fabletics. However, it is important to take the lifestyle quiz first. It only takes a few minutes to complete the lifestyle quiz. The quiz will provide the Fabletics site with enough information to customize outfits especially for you. Now, every month you will be presented with the opportunity to purchase a new outfit based on your personal style. Take the quiz now and you’ll be on your way to receiving trendy and very high quality fashions.

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