Fast Rising Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt Names Top U.S. Locations For Business Start-Ups

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Being a young entrepreneur comes with many advantages: fresh perspective; new, bold and innovative ideas; and lots of energy combined with an unlimited willingness to succeed.

All of these characteristics are embodied by Sawyer Howitt, a late-teens and pre-college go-getter who already has an impressive work history and track record. He was recently made Project Manager with the Meriwether Group, a Portland-based business consulting firm that mentors business start-ups, helping them ramp up rapidly to achieve full-scale success.

A key element for business success is location. In America, not all cities are created equal in terms of business climate and readily available resources that make it easier for a self-starting entrepreneur to gain traction.

Sawyer Howitt has been doing his homework and has identified what he considers to be the Top Eight Cities where the environment is optimum. These locations provide business start-ups with the critical infrastructure elements needed for maximum business success.

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Howitt’s Top Eight are: San Francisco, California, Austin, Texas, Salt Lake City, Utah, Palo Alto, California, Denver, Colorado, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Santa Monica and Yorba Linda, California.

These locations bring together key elements, including strength of local economy, access to funding, average population age, availability of high-speed broadband and excellent potential for networking.

Sawyer Howitt from Portland believes there is no better time to launch a start-up than today. Securing a small business loan has gotten easier, and finding low cost office and other kinds of business space just keeps getting cheaper because of changes in the business real estate climate. Technology is also a big factor. Advances in Internet connectivity and better broadband continue to create new kinds of opportunities that simply didn’t exist just a year or two ago.

Increasingly, young entrepreneurs like Sawyer Howitt are not just finding new opportunities, but getting out there and creating it from the ground up.


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