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Stream Energy recruited a new financial expert to their ranks to serve as the company’s Chief Financial Officer and Vice President in 2017. Mr. David Faranetta has had a few decades of experience as an executive and has become quite accomplished in the world of finance and financial strategizing.

As the CFO of the company, the job of Mr. David Faranetta will be growing more and more essential for the prosperity of Stream Energy. The business has set its eye to expansion and concluded the year 2017 by becoming available in one more state. CFO and VP David Faranetta carries the responsibilities for the financial strategizing of Stream Energy, taxes, accounting reporting, treasury functions, and so on. Visit Public Utility Commission of Texas website to know more about Stream Energy.

Before joining Stream Energy as the new CFO and VP, Mr. David Farantta skyrocketed the customer satisfaction rate and annual profits of its former employes TXU Energy. The business started receiving a full 100 percent of satisfaction rate and 30 million dollars of yearly income. That feat earned Mr. David Faranetta a wave of recognition among financial experts.

CFO and VP had David Faranetta received his higher education from the Moravian Colege based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He achieved a bachelor’s degree in Economics. After that, he moved on to obtain a master’degree in Business Administration from the Lehigh University. The academic institution has been recognized for having one of the most prominent colleges of business in the United States of America. View Stream Energy at

The Chief Executive officer of Stream Energy Mr. Larry Mondray expressed his excitement over the addition of Mr. David Faranetta to the leadership team. CEO Larry Mondray stated that the expertise that CFO and VP David Faranetta has amassed would be most valuable to Stream Energy in its future of growth and be leading in the market.

CEO Larry Mondray became a part of Stream Energy in 2016. He immediately placed a strong emphasis on growth and scaling the business. Before assuming the post of CEO, Mr. Larry Mondray used to occupy a variety of position at companies such as CompUSA and CSK Auto.

Up to date, Stream Energy is available in New York, Wisconsin, Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and more.


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