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About Flavio Maluf And His Firm, Euxatex

Flavio Maluf is now the president of Brazilian manufacturing company, Eucatex. This is a company that has a long history of harvesting and exporting raw materials abroad. It also supplies much of Brazil’s domestic furniture and construction industries.

Under Flavio Maluf’s leadership Eucatex has begun to increasingly diversify its product offerings which now includes manufactured goods such as paints. The core products of Eucatex still remain however wooden boards and ceiling tiles for use in construction and furniture making. The company also creates door jambs and sells eucalyptus tree seedlings.

President Maluf holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and also has a degree in business administration from New York University. Flavio Maluf served as an executive and before that worked in the marketing, sales and manufacturing departments before he was appointed president of the board. Mr. Maluf is famous for taking a proactive and hands on approach to management at Eucatex.

Flavio Maluf’s View Of The Brazilian Economy’s Recovery Post Recession

As president of a manufacturing company, Flavio Maluf has a positive outlook for the Brazilian economy. He points out that the Brazilian manufacturing sector has grown by a paltry 0.3% in the last quarter but it is significant for the following reason. The previous five quarters stretching from 2016 and into 2015 have seen the manufacturing sector actually shrink. The small increase shows that Brazil’s economy can be getting out of a recession that began in late 2014.

Another metric that Flavio Maluf points out is the fact that Brazil’s GDP to date is smaller by about 3.8% than it was a year ago. Still he says, that private and public investments can help lift the economy. They will be vital to help Brazil recover and investors are feeling more optimistic now than before says Maluf. This should help end the recession sooner than later.

Flavio Maluf also highlights the industrial entrepreneur confidence index which has now surpassed the 50 percent threshold. This represents the turning point from pessimism in industry to optimism. Industrial production is also seeing a small but steady increase which can be a sign of a recovering economy says Maluf.

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