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Flavio Maluf is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Eucatex Group. Mr. Maluf made his first connection with the family business when he came on board in 1987 and operated in the company’s trade area. Flavio Maluf served in the Sales Department for nearly a decade before heading to the industrial department of the enterprise. He also became an Executive Partner of the company before being endorsed as the President of the Eucatex Group.

The Eucatex Group was established in 1951 as a marketer and producer of insulation and liners produced from eucalyptus wood fibers. The company currently serves its products to furniture manufacturers and other large construction agencies. The company is divided into two segments on segs.com; They include the Furniture Industry and the Construction Industry. Eucatex’s Construction segment manufactures laminate, floors, partitions, paints, and doors. Its industrial furniture part deals with Tamburato, MDP, and wood fiber plates. These products are manufactured from eucalyptus wood using advanced and high technology.

Flavio Maluf commenced on a comprehensive strategy to modernize the company during his tenure as the Eucatex president. He initiated several company projects and opened many branches all over Brazil. The CEO also improved the company’s trade by making major product exports in over forty foreign countries. Flavio Maluf led to the company’s growth with major profits made from the increase in the product market of the business. The company product markets increased by a thirty percent proportion in 2014 with a record of multi-million profits in the same year.

The company opened new industrial agencies in the Salto, Sao Paulo state. This industrial plant on mundodomarketing.com manufactures Medium Density Fiberboard and Thin High-Density Fiberboard. The industry also produces recycled plant materials that are made from wood residue. Eucatex aims to reduce environment pollution through recycling and to avoid depositing the wood waste on landfills. This ecological effort has led to Eucatex being widely recognized as an Environmental friendly company. The company received the ISO 14001 Certification at http://eleicoesepolitica.com/vereador2016/vereador/MG/41114/43123/ which acknowledges companies that conform to the environmental protection standards. The Certification is also an evidence of responsible handling of industrial products and value for the environment.

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