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The Innovative Founder
Oisin Hanrahan is the smart and savvy founder of Handy. This on-demand platform is dominating an enormous amount of space. This powerhouse is only three years old, yet it has an estimated worth of 500 million dollars. Oisin Hanrahan had actually started working on creating this business while he was in college. He was in real estate while in Hungary when made an astute observation.  Hanrahan then moved to London and obtained employment with Excel Ventures. The on-demand taxi service was being invested in at that time. Oisin thought that he had the ability to actually apply the “on-demand” concept to other areas. When he moved to Boston and was attending Harvard, Handy was the brought to life. It came about while he was living with a couple of friends. One of the co-founders and himself paired up together and turned Handy into a successful business.

No Company Compares to Handy
The first item that ought to be known about Handy, there is not another company that can come close within a comparison to Handy. There is not any other companies around the New York area that operates close to the scale of this powerhouse. This is considered to be the largest player in this industry. Handy provides every client with convenience. They offer on-demand cleaning and handyman services to their valuable clients. Handy has big plans for the future. Growth and expansion will most definitely continue to play a large role in this business. Handy is a strong leader that will continue to improve the customer experience.

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