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One of the natural disasters that has left people grappling with the question of how to rebuild their lives is the mudslide that occurred in the West African nation of Sierra Leone. In the middle of August a mudslide struck the country and the impact was devastating.

According to reports more than 1,000 people died as a result of the mudslide. The event has left the country in the midst of a humanitarian crisis when it was just recovering from the impact of a health crisis that was caused by an outbreak of Ebola several years ago. Read more: Jim Larkin |LinkedIn and Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

Humanitarian crises might be considered what public policy experts call a wicked problem. They are incredibly difficult to solve, information on how these crises are solved are not always immediately apparent and they are often connected with other complicated problems.

Fortunately humanitarian organizations like UN Women, the United Nation’s gender-focused agency, are currently on the ground trying to help the people impacted by the mudslide to the best of their ability. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

UN Women’s website notes that natural disasters can tend to hit women much harder than other populations. The United Nations has led the distribution of dignity kits that contain menstrual pads, clothing and other necessities for grooming.

During times of instability women and girls can also be susceptible to being targets of sexual assault and other forms of gender-based violence. In recognition of this possibility UN Women has turned its attention towards working with a division of the Sierra Leone police force that focuses on social issues to help keep women and girls safe from sexual violence in the midst of the mudslide.

Like UN Women The Larkin and Lacey Fund is dedicated to creating a better world. The Larkin and Lacey Fund is a foundation that was launched by journalists Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey after they were awarded a settlement through a court in Arizona.

The fund is an indication of the passion that Larkin and Lacey have for building a society that is more equitable for the people living in it. Even though the men were under no obligation to spend the money that they received from the settlement on anything other than themselves or their loved ones they chose to use the money to do something that would help other people.

Rather than using the millions of dollars that the settlement amounted to to enrich themselves they directed the money towards civil society organizations that worked with marginalized communities.

Larkin and Lacey noted that part of what motivated him to use the money for a good cause was the fact that he was raised to think about the needs of people who were in unfortunate situations. The fund that he created with his friend Michael Lacey uses its resources to support nonprofits that support the Hispanic community.

The fund has offered financial assistance to organizations like Trans Queer Pueblo, The Young Center, Two Americans Documentary Relaunch and the Arizona Justice Project. Larkin and Lacey’s decision to support members of the community who have less shows the world that having and demonstrating empathy for others is the first step building a more just world.

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