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Shiraz Boghani is a successful entrepreneur who lives in the United Kindom. He is a founding partner of Sojourn Hotels LLP which owns and operates 19 hotels in the UK. He serves as the company’s chairman of the board. He is also a co-founder of a healthcare company called Sussex Health Care Limited and is a partner of the firm. He co-founded Sojourn Hotels over 30 years ago and during his career he has won several awards.

One of Sojourn Hotels most recently built hotels Hilton London Bankside with cost £121 to construct. Among the other hotels that Shiraz Boghani operates are the New Ellington in Leeds and the Holiday Inn London-Wembley. He is considered one of the pioneers of the hospitality industry when it comes to hotels that offer limited services in the United Kingdom.

Shiraz Boghani was named in 2016 as the Hotelier of the Year. This award was presented by the Asian Business Awards. This was presented to him due to his excellent leadership skills as well as his considerable success in the hospitality industry. The judges were comprised of experts in the hospitality industry including among others Jitesh Gadhia who is an investment banker and AMG’s Executive Director Shailesh R Solanki. When he won this award Shiraz Boghani thanked the management and employees of Sojourn Hotels who he said made this win possible for him.

Born in Kenya, Shiraz Boghani first emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1969. When he arrived in the UK his first job was at Chartered Accountants. They trained him to be an accountant and he used this experience to advance his career by joining a larger accounting firm, Thomson McLintock & Co. The first business he founded was Sussex Health Care in 1985. Under his leadership, this firm now operates 18 assisted living homes and can support up to 500 people.

Shiraz Boghani is also a philanthropist. Among the nonprofits he is involved with are the Aga Khan Foundation, Aga Kahn University, and other Aga Kahn nonprofits. He assists these organizations both with his business expertise and leadership abilities as well as financially.

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