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Kate Hudson is playing up top with the big boys of business. Amazon, who once had a 20% grip on the fashion e-commerce market share is now losing to a business not even 1% its size. That company, of course, is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. How is it that a company that is only worth $250 million can take on a company that is worth over $400 billion? Kate Hudson found several ways to make it happen.


The first way Kate Hudson took on Amazon is by offering quality products. Let’s be honest; Amazon products are cheap both in price and in quality. No sooner have you put on those socks you bought through Prime, and you have to reorder because they are ripping. Not so with Fabletics. Fabletics makes clothes that fit your daily needs and encourage you to achieve all that you can dream.


The second way Kate Hudson took on Amazon with her brand Fabletics was by creating a subscription-based service. This allows her customers to receive excellent athleisure clothes every month in the mail.


The third way was by using a technique known as reverse showrooming. Showrooming has been an unfortunate reality for physical stores for some time now Showrooming occurs when a customer enters your store to examine a product in person. Then what they do is go online and buy it for a more affordable price somewhere else. Kate Hudson knew that if she wanted to beat this trend in her sixteen different stores than she would have to make sure that those who come in were already customers, and that is exactly what she did.


Kate Hudson organized several events surrounding her stores and invited the community to those activities. This allowed each store to build a reputation with local dealers and buyers. This relationship created loyalty for her company. It is estimated that somewhere between 30-50% of those walking through Fabletics’ doors are already customers. Also, Fabletics holds a 20% conversion rate for turning non-customers into customers.


Kate Hudson has a lot to say about these achievements. She says that her company is all about inspiring women and empowering them to be the best version of themselves. This allows women to be strong no matter their weight, shape, or size.


All those who are interested in being empowered and motivated are encouraged to take part in Fabletics’ six question lifestyle quiz.

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