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Krishen Iyer is a highly successful entrepreneur who currently serves in the role of Chief Executive Officer with Managed Benefit Services, a firm that he founded. Managed Benefit Services is based in the city of Fresno. Its business focuses on consulting services and marketing services. These services are in the realm of the health and dental insurance industries. Krishen Iyer had a successful academic career at San Diego State University. He graduated with his degree in the area of public administration as well as urban development. His drive to form a successful business led him to found Managed Benefits Services. Krishen Iyer is also known as an individual who loves to give back to the community. He is known for donating to philanthropic causes that deal with global crisis issues.


Krishen Iyer came up with the idea for Managed Benefit Services due to his desire to come up with a way to connect firms that need specific solutions to their marketing needs. Krishen recognized that this was a niche looking to be filled and took the leap. In order to keep the company running smoothly, he is involved on a daily basis with marketing and direct involvement with clients. He usually spends the first half of each day just working directly with clients.


Marketing analytics have been becoming more readily accessible to companies like Managed Benefit Services and this is something the Krishen has become very excited about. The company has been working hard to utilize this data in a way that allows it to come up with a refined approach to consultation. The more advanced that data collection techniques become, the quicker a business like Managed Benefits Services is able to grow and this is the formula that Krishen has used successfully so far. He has also stuck to a gameplan of perseverance and so whenever something doesn’t work just right, he chalks it up to experience.

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