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Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that was founded eight years ago and is based out of Las Angeles, California. It is a unique company because it embodies the idea that makeup is an extension of self. This belief has inspired them to produce advanced and original cosmetics which include bright shades and unique color pallets. It is their hope that consumers will use these trend-setting products as a form of self expression. Lime Crime has an innovative way to market their product. They use social media as a platform and currently have 2.5 million followers on Instagram. Fans of the products post pictures of themselves using Lime Crime cosmetics is creative ways. The company’s website is also unique because it features the “on-lip” swatch. Instead of using images of models, the company displays it’s products on actual people who have purchased the makeup. Their goal is to create a real life shopping experience. All of this innovation comes from the heart and mind of Lime Crime’s creator, Doe Deere.
Doe Deere, who is also known as the “Queen of Unicorns”, is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime. She immigrated from Russia to the United States when she was seventeen and embodies the idea of the American dream. Deere’s original dream was to be a musician. She followed this dream while living in New York City and in doing so she met her husband Mark. Not only is Mark her business partner, but she also identifies him as the person who has impacted her life the most. She is a self proclaimed girly girl and loves bright colors, her favorite being lime green.
Deere views makeup as a way to express herself and this is the idea which she has built her company on. She believes that everyone is unique and seeks to empower others to express themselves. She is a very positive and optimistic person and treats those around her with love and respect. Deere is an animal lover so it is important to her that her cosmetics are produced in a cruelty free manor. She is a strong leader who oversees the operations of Lime Crime in an inspired and motivating manor.

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  1. She has always been drawn to bright colors but finding such products was difficult. This inspired her to create her own colors and was the birth of Lime Crime Cosmetics. It could be so decent that has actually gotten more of this than what they had expected in the past.

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