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When Lori Senecal enters a business, people can expect a lot of changes to the company. Among the changes that a company is faced with is a change from it being a local company to a global company. While it is not necessary for a company to be a global company in order to survive, globalizing a company can increase the profits that it gets as well as the effect it has on the world. Lori Senecal has shown that not only she has plans, but she has thought a lot about her plans in order to bring them to life.

According to the Wall Street, one of the factors that go towards Lori Senecal’s success is her strength. She is a very strong person with a strong character. She is very organized and knows when she has to back off so that she can recharge. Given that she is an introvert, she is going to need some time to herself in order to recharge from all of the interaction with the different personalities. For one thing, a lot of people can be draining even to extroverts. Lori is also a strong independent woman that other women can look up to as an example of how to move towards their life.

Lori Senecal has gained her strength in knowing her strengths early on in life. She has realized that she is not going to be one of the people that are going to win all of the attention. Therefore, she has worked on other talents which have built her confidence. Even with her confidence, she has had to learn how to deal with uncomfortable situations. She has also come to appreciate them as opportunities for growth.

Lori Senecal has taken an interest in marketing because it is one of the most important aspects of business success. Therefore, she has developed a desire to learn all of these different skills that are associated with marketing. Among the skills that she has learned is public speaking which is a tough thing for introverts to figure out because of the different types of people they have to deal with on stage. They also learn to get over their fear of making a fool of themselves.

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