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Following in her mother’s footsteps, Naomi Campbell studied the art of ballet as a child. At the age of seven, Campbell was featured in a Bob Marley music video, and she got her first big break in the modeling industry at the age of fifteen. Her walk has kept her fans mesmerized, since she first stepped foot on the catwalk in 1986.

During her career, Campbell’s graced the pages of 500 magazines with her striking beauty. She was the first black model featured on the front page of Time Magazine and French Vogue. However, her striking walk on the catwalk and her photos taken worldwide isn’t all this well-rounded model is known for.

Campbell’s beauty has kept us captivated for years, and she’s one of the five original models to appear in movies, tv shows and music videos. Campbell appeared in shows such as, Fox network’s Star, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and New York Undercover. In addition to films Campbell appeared in music videos along side Bob Marley, Madonna and Michael Jackson.

However, her striking beauty and appearance on tv isn’t what makes her special. Campbell has a generous heart and is know for her charity event: Fashion for Relief. This event raised funds for those affected by Hurricane Katrina, in 2005. However, Campbell is also known for the incredible amount that she contributes to other fundraisers and charities.

While her generous heart is what makes her beautiful inside and out, her fashion keeps fans mesmerized and wanting to look like her. Her ensemble for the Franca: Choas and Creation’ Screening makes the perfect go-to outfit for the holiday season. This all black outfit adds a touch of sophistication and fun.

While beauty and fashion is her career, Campbell still takes the time to help others. She’s an advocate for diversity on the catwalk, and after all this time she still touches the hearts of those around her.

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