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Prior to 2010 nobody had an inclination as to who, billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch were. Most people had however, heard of their major conglomerate Koch Industries which is based in Wichita, Kansas. Charles Koch took over Rock Island Oil after the passing of their father. He then renamed the company Koch Industries in remembrance of him.

It has only been since the 2008 elections that the American people began hearing about Charles Koch. Many rumors had circulated that the brothers were opposed to President Obama’s election into office. The truth is their political agenda spans two decades of trying to reshape the American government. The brothers are fiercely opposed to corporate welfare as well as a host of other legislations which have been enacted. During the 1970’s Charles and David Koch founded the Cato Institute and began funding various think tanks and free thinking groups on many university campuses. Charles is a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity organization. He pledge while studying at M.I.T where he majored in engineering. He holds a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, a masters in electrical engineering, and a doctorate in chemical engineering.

Charles has many philanthropic pursuits such as founding the Koch Industries Foundation, the Charles Koch Institute,and the Market-Based Management Institute just to name a few. Many of the foundations were established with the purpose of promoting social progress and well being through the dissemination of Liberty. This agenda has been applied to their interactions with the GOP. The Koch Network has the same purpose of promoting free thinking

As stated by Bill Moyers, “On occasion, Charles Koch leaders may disagree with actions taken by Republicans, but over time they are using their financial resources and organizational capabilities to draw GOP candidates and officeholders toward their preferred positions. GOP candidates and officeholders want and need Koch network resources — money, activists, publicity, access to donors — and in return they offer access and fealty to top Koch policy priorities, whether or not those priorities are popular with voters. The Koch network can leverage the institutional brand and resources the modern Republican Party has built up over the past century to win elections for network friends and influence legislative bodies in Washington, DC, and states across the country.” This may in the end destroy the political playground they have created if Donald Trump should win the election.

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