San Diego Entrepreneur Brian Bonar Receives Another Industry Honor From Cambridge Who’s Who

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Cambridge Who’s Who is known for helping its members become a better version of their self. What Cambridge Who’s Who does for its members is remarkable. The organization develops a platform that enhances the careers of their members.

That platform includes networking opportunities, image development enhancement and career tips that help members move to the next level in their chosen fields. There are more than 400,000 members of Cambridge Who’s Who and most of those members are located in the United States, England, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Members hold a wide variety of positions in the top industries in the world. Education, law, healthcare and finance professionals make up a large portion of the membership.
Each year, Cambridge Who’s Who honors two women and two men from every industry for their professional accomplishments. Receiving that honor is not taken lightly by the members. Once members become a Cambridge Who’s Who honoree new doors open thanks to the tools that the organization provides with the honor.

One of the 2016 recipients of the Cambridge Who’s Who professional recognition award is Brian Bonar. Brian Bonar is a San Diego-based financial expert. He is the current CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation.
According to PR News Wire and Equilar, Bonar is proud of the success that businesses enjoy thanks to Dalrada’s human resource packages. Dalrada executives offer their services to businesses that need help organizing their internal structure. Bonar acts as the spearhead that guides the Dalrada team through the complexities that exist in the human resource industry.

Government regulations and the constant changes that occur in business make it difficult for businesses to keep up when it comes to offering employees incentives that keep them productive and happy. Dalrada offers those companies the tools they need to achieve their internal goals –

Being the head of a financial company is just one of the things listed on Bonar’s extensive resume. Bonar is a successful San Diego entrepreneur. His interests include real estate development, restaurant ownership, and other successful business ventures.

His current project is a 144-acre entertainment venue just outside of the city of San Diego. Bonar’s other project is Bellamy’s, the new upscale French bistro that is creating an upbeat buzz in town.

But Mr. Bonar is especially proud of being a 2016 Cambridge Who’s Who honoree. Brian’s attitude is to pay honors like the Cambridge Who’s Who honor forward by helping other business people achieve the kind of success he has enjoyed the past 30 years. Brian is considered a team player that has special talents and he uses those talents to help people and businesses around the world.

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  1. Dalrada is a Professional Employment Organization that offers businesses help developing employee benefit packages and other human resource services. I think it sould be the what is trying to evaluate which is why they need to get these working tight for them too.

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