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Stock market brokers have noted fluctuation among the stocks this December 2018, and many are thinking that it might have a negative impact on the share value this coming New Year. Analysts stated that the fluctuation resulted to panic among the stock brokers and traders, and the reason behind it is still unknown. However, experts are saying that global events are playing a major role in the fluctuation of the stock market, and the trade war with China would result into the worsening value of the stocks traded in the American stock market. Professional investors warned about the fluctuating stock market, and stated that it could fall continually until next year, sending many traders with large losses. However, they assured the traders and the brokers about the uncertainty of the future, and the results might change and the stock market might recover.

Through the years, trading at the stock market changed drastically, and with the introduction of new devices and technologies, trading has become more convenient. Today, people could download a stock market application and start trading at the comfort of their homes. Others are using the trading application to search for the stocks that managed to earn a larger value, and trade them to earn more profit. With the advancement in technology, everyone can participate in stock market trading, as the application made it possible for all ages to learn about the stock market and to formulate their own strategies on how to dominate the industry. Despite the technological advancement in dealing with the stock market, many traders are still thinking about the possibility of a global stock market crash because of the recent negative events involving the United States.

In 1929, the United States stock market crashed, and this event was later known to be the Great Depression. Many businesses became bankrupt, and employees were laid off. This resulted to riots and protests, but many people could never do something because the economic meltdown was widespread. In 1987, another economic meltdown took place, and it had a massive impact around the world. Businesses managed to recover, but there was another economic crash looming on the horizon. Before the year 2000 came, the dot com bubble took place, sending internet based investments crashing down. Businesses like Amazon and CISCO had a hard time recovering, while others failed to return to the industry. The most recent crash was the recession in 2008, starting off with the Lehman Brothers filing bankruptcy. Experts are saying that these stock market crashes could happen again, and investors should be more observant.

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