Securus’ Efforts In Responding Better To Customer Concerns Pays Off As Indicated By The Positive Feedback

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The top communication business for prison facilities across the United States input a lot of effort in addressing customer concerns and innovating new products and services. As a result, review websites noted an increase in positive remarks about the firm and their services. Securus also received a couple of emails and traditional letters that contained positive comments and feedback. A lot of the writers are prison employees who used Securus’ products such as the LBS software to monitor illegal activities. They ceased crime among inmates, arrested corrupt officials enabling the offenses and closed criminal cases by gathering information between detainees and their former outside connections. In 2017, Securus has opened its doors to customers and competitors seeking to learn more about their operation.



One report stated by monitoring phone call conversations, prison staff confiscated alcohol, drugs, and illegally owned mobile devices. They also addressed alleged threats by inmates to civilians, the sale of narcotics by civilian accomplices of a charged dealer and arrested civilians who admitted to underpricing pharmacy drugs. Using the LBS software, the correctional law enforcement arm secured narcotic drugs and millions of cash from both civilians and inmates. The commenter stated that without the program, they would not have managed to conduct such a successful search. In another statement, an impressed client said that Securus’ has the perfect vision that will improve security in the federal system. The CEO of Securus said the firm consistently develops products and services for use in prisons across North America. Securus innovates on at least a weekly basis. Rick A. Smith added to say the protecting the people of the United States were a top priority for him and his company. The CEO revealed that the positive feedback from families, prison staff and inmates was a high motivation in helping them up their game for continued service to the American people.

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