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The saying goes that if you can’t beat them join them. And, for most situations in life this is true. But, there are times in the business world when leaders of companies don’t want to beat them they just want to join together to get more done. Securus Technologies and JPay combining their collective expertise and inertia seem to be the right idea when it comes to the ladder. The CEOs of these two businesses Rick Smith and Ryan Shapiro are more than happy to give the world an example of how merging can be a good deal. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

When JPay and Securus Technologies come together not only do they reap the benefits of cooperation, but correction facilities and the law enforcement professionals who operate within them benefit as well. JPay is a leading business and pioneer when it comes to providing service to correction facilities. They are credited with introducing modern amenities into prison systems such as electronic payment, emails and a host of applications centered around education and entertainment. They do this in more than 33 states from coast to coast in the US.

Rick Smith Securus is very excited to compliment the services that JPay provides, and together they can solve just about any tech-based problem there is eithin correctional institutions. The goodness fall out of this collaboration does not just affect professionals within this field. The inmates, their loved ones and anyone else they try to communicate or do business with outside of their confines are sure to find such intercourse easier.

Of course, team-ups of this size and scale do not just happen overnight, and there is plenty of red tape involved. That’s what makes the JPay Securus Technologies team such a big deal. Nothing quite this delicate and massive has been performed on a tech basis like this before. Read more on

Putting the broad strokes aside, it’s good to see and understand the details that are the result of this merger. The whole purpose behind JPay acting as a subsidiary of Securus Technologies is to ultimately reduce the revisit rates of inmates to prisons while making their adjustment to life outside an easy one to suffer. The good people of JPay already know all about this process, however working alongside with Securus means that they can now reach their projections and goals and fraction of the time.

Both of these businesses are surely getting something out of the deal. For Securus, it’s all about being able to bring new and innovative solutions to correction officers throughout the year. So while JPay make sure that the inmates have what they need to get the best out of their time spent in prison and adjust to the new life in society when their time is up, Securus gets to better serve the officers watching over them. This is what is known as a win-win scenario in a field where it almost feels like an uphill battle all of the time.


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