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Securus Technologies has been a leader in providing criminal justice and technology solutions for inmates. Their primary goal has been to improve the experience of prisoners during the time they spend in the correction facilities. Their services range from public information, conducting investigation, monitoring products and services, biometric services, verification and incident management services. The Dallas-based company have availed their service to close to 3,000 correction facilities where 1.2 million inmates have benefited from their services.



GTL made another allegation claim for damages and injunctions against Securus Technologies. The claims were made regarding the patent 7,256,816. However, the right position with the patent has not been clearly validate; it is there not possible for GTL to make any claims of such injunctions. GTL went ahead to insist that the Patent Trial and Appeals Board had preserved patents used by the company. However, Securus Technologies defended itself stating that the claims were unfounded and that the latter ruling can only be made in the court of law.


GTL further made an inaccurate claim when they decided to contend with innovations made patentable as indicated by the PTBA. Securus Technologies corrected this stating that they were only allowed to protect any innovations by going to court. GTL’s plan to go to court is an indication of how serious they are to convict Securus on infringing patents. They can, however, be rest assured that the jury may not be ready to listen to such claims and any such evidences anytime soon.


Concerning GTL’s press release, Securus Technologies CEO stated that he is willing to take on a challenge with GTL. He has offered such a challenge multiple times, but GTL has not responded yet. Securus Technologies beats GTL regarding its patents, the kind of technology and the number of engineers and technical personnel.

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