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We now live in a world that is progressive in ideology and in values. We have long evolved from issues and ideologies of blatant racism, sexism and other discriminatory ideologies that hold us back from evolving together as a community and as a race. Racism is an idea that has been very well discussed and talked about in the modern society and diversity efforts are being done in all facets of society, mainly in the work environments of many industries. Society is now very sensitive but stern with its view on diversity and it is only rightfully so, which is why diversity in a company is considered one of its major selling points for its consumer.

Recently, in light of the concern, awareness and discussions on the idea of diversity, one major food chain has made the move to increase its diversity efforts. Though this might look like a strategic business move to reel up sales, it is not entirely so – the decision was made with a humble heart in response to the plead of society. And this food chain is Papa John’s Pizza under the leadership of Steve Ritchie.

Steve Ritchie has recently made the move to initiate more diversity related efforts in the Papa John’s Brand in order to stay socially responsible and relevant. Steve Ritchie punctuates that the Papa John’s brand will always be a brand of progress and a brand that is sensitive to the needs of society. Steve Ritchie says that they will not be held back by traditionalism, they will not be defined by regression but rather they will be front runners in the initiatives of a progressing society and a beacon for the concept of camaraderie in community.

This proves that Steve Ritchie and his leadership of the Papa John’s brand is a leadership that not only excels in business but also succeeds in its social efforts and relevance. Papa John’s has been a staple and household pizza brand that has been cherished by its consumers world wide – and if Steve Ritchie’s efforts will progress, they are sure to stay on top of their game in the future.

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