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Video marketing through email is a very effective way to make sales. The Relevancy Group did a study that concluded that email marketing revenue increased by 40 percent when videos were used. They also found that emails with videos increased the email open rate by 20 percent. Click-through rates were doubled or tripled by the inclusion of video.

People respond to video because it’s more immediate and vivid than simple text. It’s a quicker way to impress upon people the personality of a brand. Pictures improve communication compared to text alone. Video takes that several steps further.

Talk Fusion is a Florida-based company and one of the leaders in the area of video marketing. The company ranks eighth in the world in a list of providers of the most online video content. The company was started in 2007.

CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, was trying to find a way to embed a video in an email to friends and found it was not possible. He and a friend created a way to do it and have since perfected the method. That is how Talk Fusion began. Now they help others with their video email marketing needs.

Talk Fusion is easy to use for newbies to video marketing and also customizable for people who already know the ropes. They provide over 1,000 templates for a variety of situations that are ready to use. Users of the service also have the option of creating their own templates.

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  1. Video marketing is the wave of the future. Entertainment and an engaging sales message are easy to combine in this format. It is the best way to connect with customers and potentia I have come to see that do have a lot more on this stuff in recent times.

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