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Not many people get the chance to appear on a hit reality television series. Not too many people get to experience the joys of going to one of art’s most recognized universities. TV Star Kendall Long is an alumnus of the Academy of Art University. She was one of the well known girls on the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise. On the show, she competed for the love and attention of the show’s bachelor “Grocery Store Joe”. Fans tune in to see the budding romance of these two. Their chemistry is tv worthy and is rather entertaining.

Kendall Long’s success in making it to television is one of the many examples of how students leaving the Academy of Art University and achieve great success in their careers following. The school is well known for prepping talent. That talent goes onto accomplishing many things most people merely dream of. The school has educated the minds of some of the most well known writers, artists, musicians, actors and now reality television stars.

The university’s history goes back nearly nine decades. The school was formed out of the love and passion of two art fanatics that wanted to instill young minds with the tools to release their inner artistic dreams to the world. The university was launched by a husband and wife duo. Richard and Clara Stephens launched the Academy of Art University together. Previously, Richard Stephens had been working at a magazine as their art director. He had the experience, and his wife had the passion. Together, they launched a art culture in a small loft in San Francisco, California. But with the academics the school was providing the size of the loft would no longer due. In 1946, the couple had to invest in a larger loft to accommodate their hundreds of students.

Today, the Academy of Art University stands as a reminder of what passion, talent and hard work can achieve. Alumni have done incredibly well in various art fields. Three generations of Stephens still continue to place their passion and missing into the minds of their students.

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