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The Democratic candidate for President of the United States, Bernie Sanders, is very well known for his advocacy for a socialist government. He is serving his second term in the U.S Senate after a massive re-election wins back in the year 2012. Bernie Sanders is indeed an authentic leader with American people at heart having served as a congressman in the house of representatives for more than 15 years, and still gearing on to sit on the big seat to revolutionize the United States.

Bernie Sanders’ vision to create a socialist government in the United States can be the next game changer in the modern administrative system in U.S. According to Thor Halvorssen, having a socialist government is totally normal as long as there are integrated policies, powers, and constitutional rights governing the people.

The systems will guarantee every citizen of United States have access to the essential commodities and protection of human rights. This will be the next thing American people experience from the arms of governance to tackle the exploitation of human rights.

The candidate, Bernie Sanders, has proved his real motives and intentions to a socialist structure in his government once he sets in through his involvement of the people of the United States to make a willing monetary contribution towards his campaigns. This shows the voters the kind of future they will experience togetherness and supporting each other in times of needs.

This evolution of a socialism structured governance will advocate the control and regulation of the political and economical as a social organization owned by the United States community as a whole. This will oversee and enhance the freedom in the production, distribution and exchanged of essential goods and services, improving the standards of living and welfare of the Americans. The best way indeed to eradicate poverty and diminishing the gap between the rich and everyone else.

Thor Halvorssen believes that democratic socialism will succeed not by the distribution of wealth but through finding effective ways to create more wealth for the United States to overcome poverty.

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  1. Bernie Sanders is looking forward to forming a government which incorporates socialism policies. He fully supports the Bernie Sanders’ movement in realizing the Americans dream. It’s indeed a future to believe. This is the very thing that assignmentmasters may have been looking forward to having all along which may not be that easy too.

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