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A cancer diagnosis can feel like a blow to any family. Patients and loved ones can feel overwhelmed beyond belief. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America they create a roadmap to provide patients and caregivers the education needed to make informed decisions as they proceed. They treat the whole patient, not just the cancer. The personalized treatment plans incorporate not only cancer fighting tools but also help with the mental, emotional and spiritual needs that they know arise for patients and families. On the cutting-edge of the latest research, Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers the standard protocols of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery but also approaches such as advanced genomic testing and immunotherapies. They offer integrated care aimed at managing the side effects of cancer treatments and educating patients to differentiate between treatment side effects and cancer advancement. Dedicated to the improvement of cancer patient experiences and outcomes, Cancer Treatment Centers of America creates a team of multidisciplinary doctors for each patient, depending on their needs.

As important as the medical side of treatment is, there are of course other concerns facing patients and loved ones. All of your medical records can be gathered ahead of time and sent to your caregivers for you. Patients are scheduled for appointments ahead of time so that delays and gaps in treatment are kept to a minimum. If needed, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has services to arrange for a patient’s travel and lodging so you can focus on getting better. There are wholesome and affordable meals served onsite for patients undergoing treatment. Support is available for caregivers, to help with their needs, as everyone navigates the journey to wellness together. This integrated care and attention to detail can help everyone involved stay focused on what really matters, beating cancer.

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