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Hope and faith often go hand in hand, and this belief encouraged Troy McQuagge to create the HOPE program for people living in the USA. Helping Other People Everyday, or HOPE is a cleverly coined name for the people who work as independently contracted agents of USHA, the health advisory unit of the USA.

The mission of HOPE is both clear and concise; the program aims to make a positive impact in the lives of other people on a day to day basis. This mission is upheld by the staff and management of USHA, and since 2010, this program has been turning the tides in favour of other people, often those who are forgotten by most. Read more on about Troy McQuagge Son

Troy McQuagge, created this program and is the President of the US Health Advisors as well as the central firm. The project commenced operations with their partners at that time, Phoenix of New Orleans, to aid in the rescue of people adversely affected by Hurricanes like Katrina. Not only did they accept the mammoth task of re-building houses in some of the worst-hit districts but they also actively engaged in volunteering thousands of hours to restore various sectors in various areas of New Orleans.

The next initiative taken together by Troy McQuagge and HOPE was to purchase new merchandise equalling thousands of dollars to donate to The Crisis Nursery, a charitable shelter for children that operates in Phoenix. This noble deed involved giving the shelter shoes, baby formula, children’s clothes and a myriad of other supplies. This goodwill program has also accepted a series of other projects in the last few years.

The HOPE project is based on the belief that establishments that earn money from people should give back to the people, and should not focus only on financial growth but also personal development. Troy McQuagge son believes with conviction that companies have souls, they belong in the core of the firm, that is in its people, both the decision makers and the employees. Troy McQuagge also stands by his views that by giving others things without any agenda and helping them by serving the greater good, whenever and where ever possible, this approach can be a very noble way of living both one’s life and business. Read:



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