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Mr. Adam Milstein is an influential entrepreneur in the Jewish Community. As co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, Adam Milstein has provided numerous benevolent services to Israel and Jewish citizens. His charitable activities include fundraising to support programs, Pro-Israel advocacy, partnership development and consultancy.

Mr. Milstein’s altruistic activities are based on three basic principles:
i. Philanthropic Synergy-this principle is founded on the provision of guidance and funding to aid charitable firms in the achievement of common goals.

ii. Life Path Impact- through this principle, Milstein aims at developing organizations that engage their audiences through various stages of life. Furthermore, it advocates for the creation of programs tailor-made to meet the needs of adolescents and children. This ensures that companies can strengthen relations with their target population.

iii. Active philanthropy- this principle entails the investment of adequate time and expertise in every program and institution his Foundation supports.

The Milstein Foundation

Formed in 2000, the Milstein Foundation strives at uplifting the living standards of the Jewish society and fostering relations with the U.S. Furthermore, they also aim at providing more opportunities for Jewish Generations. Through the philanthropic philosophy, the institution trains young scholars to recognize their roots and ignite their pride.

Milstein has diversified his portfolio by offering professional services to numerous clients. Furthermore, he is an active board member of several organizations such as Hasbara Fellowships, AIPAC National Council, Jewish Funders Network and StandWithUs.

Adam Milstein’s Background

Milstein is a native of Haifa, Israel from a humble background. His father, Milstein senior, is a real estate developer while his mother, Eva, is a homemaker. Adam is the first child in a family of three kids. Before gaining widespread recognition, Milstein served as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces and participated in the Yom Kippur War. Afterward, he was a member of Sharon’s infantry that defeated the Third Egyptian Battalion.

Adam enrolled for higher education once the war was over. He is an economics and business graduate from the Israeli Institute of Technology. Afterward, he pursued an MBA from the University of Southern California. For more information about Milstein, visit: http://www.adammilstein.org/bio/

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