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In fashion, there are some stores that manage to climb to the top. One of the top stores in fashion is H&M. One of the reasons that the company is so popular is because it offers some trendy items. Almost every item that is sold through that store is not found in other stores. This is one factor to the popularity. Also Adam and Don have took note of those stores and have seen the value of offering something that is unique to the customers. Therefore, they have looked at ways to make fashion very fun for the customers.


One thing that has inspired a change from offering shoes exclusively was that the capsule items that they have offered customers have sold out completely. Therefore, they have realized that there is a desire for styles that cover the whole body. This has also increased their confidence in offering something that is very unique. As a result, they have looked at different ways that they can satisfy different markets. This included offering new types of athletic clothing that women can enjoy. Their offers have definitely secured their status as pioneers in the athletic clothing market. They will continue to find new innovations.


Perhaps as they continue to grow as a company, they may take the time to look at the men’s section and revamp fashion for men in ways that may get them to look at what they offering. This is similar to what H&M has done for men. The only thing is that Adam and Don has a chance to outdo them. They can put together clothing that can last longer. They can also make sure that they stay current with the customers so that they will be able to enjoy the clothes that are created by this online retailer.

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